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Eso/Bachillerato – Level C1

Below you will find four sessions. The topic is all about ‘Making an impression.’ each section is comprised of many interactive activities which automatically correct themselves.

Making an impression Introduction

Session 1: Making an impression; Reading

Session 2: Making an impression; Vocabulary

Session 3: Making an impression; Language Study

Session 4: Writing task.

You have seen the following job advertisement and have decided to apply for the job.


Enthusiastic and energetic social organisers for a children’s summer school situated in the beautiful Welsh countryside. Candidates will need to be between the ages of 18 and 35, have experience in supervising various sporting activities and be able to motivate young teenagers. You will need to speak fluent English as well as at least one other foreign language. A driving licence is essential. Please send a letter of application outlining your suitability for the post to the following address: Summer Sensation, Langdon Farm, Cardiff.

Write your letter of application. (Write approximately 250 words.)

Send your answer to so we can correct it for you.

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